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Concertina Wire

Concertina WireConcertina wires, as the name specifies are able to expand just like Concertina. These wires are also known as Dannert wire and are the type of razor wire that are manufactured as large coils that could be expanded in future.
These kinds of wires are basically used where there is need of higher strength rather than other things. These concertina wires are much more effective than others where comes to the strength. These wires got their existence during World War 1 and were made by stretching the barbed wires only. Few layers of Concertina wire can give great strength in compared to other fences having the same quantity of material.

One quality about these wires is that these can be compacted to higher degree and can be easily ported to some remote area and when installed, can be stretched as required. These kinds of wires are relatively loose when compared to barbed wires which add on to its effectiveness to serve its purpose. Concertina wires are generally used in military areas or some other specific areas where the purpose of using fences are to provide the strength. High quality steel is used to manufacture these wires to add us the strength to the wires.
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