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Barbed Wire

Barbed WireBarbed wire also known as barb wires is a type of fencing made up of steel wires with sharp edges. These are the most common type of fences you’ll encounter in your day to day life. These are used to secure the area which is restricted to trespassing of human or animals. Because of these characteristics of barbed wires, these are widely used where agricultural lands are available, to keep the cattle away from the field.
Barbed wires are the cheapest alternative of other type of fences. These are generally used to keep the animals away or to put on the wall top to restrict the incoming of thieves. A person or cattle that will show the stupidity of crossing these fences will surely encounter injuries because of the sharp edges provided at specific intervals over the whole length of the wire.

These Barbed wires are easy to store and are available in different lengths and diameters. These wires possess long life and provide maximum security as well. These wires are generally used where security is the main purpose of the fencing, for example, Metro stations, Airport and other places where restricted areas are present. These wires are manufactured under experienced supervision and excellent engineering using high quality steel to provide better finishing and long life.
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